Ukulele vs Guitar

Ukulele vs Guitar

The biggest dilemma of a music lover is when he begins considering an instrument to learn the music on. The two most usual options to find are Ukulele vs Guitar. The next problem is to figure out which one will suit you and this is where you lose your cool because this step keeps on getting confusing. Therefore, we have tried simplifying it with our wisest approach. Below is a detailed comparison of both as well as each of the best products for a beginner.

1 – Donner Adult Acoustic Guitar Starter’s Kit


  • Donner Adult guitar is a beginner-packed guitar with all the important accessories to help a beginner fix his hands on it.
  • The 9 accessories included in it are 4x Celluloid picks, a Digital tuner, Pickguard, Capo, Allen Wrench, Strap, Clean cloth, and Extra pack strings.
  • Having the Natural color and full size of 41 inches, it maintains a cutaway appearance while having a Mahogany side and back plus a Sitka spruce top.
  • As for the performance, the quality of sound is backed with a balanced yet full tone, intermediate frequency, and rich tempo.
  • It comes in a bag strap to protect and easily handle while carrying around.
  • The Purpleheart fretboard preserves the magic of well-polished strings which are made of bronze and carbon steel.
  • You can also avail an online lesson to learn the basics of guitar playing from the corresponding website of the brand.


  • It offers a wide range of playing styles
  • Easy to handle with C shaped neck and curved design
  • Right-hand orientation
  • Standard X bracing for intermediate frequency
  • A complete kit for beginner guitarists
  • Padded gig backpack for the ease of holding


  • Not for experts that prefer excellent craftsmanship

2 – Donner Tenor Ukulele Starter’s Kit


  • This is a 26 inches Tenor Ukulele by Donner, as a starter tenor kit with lots of useful accessories.
  • It has been developed purely into a Classic design with ideal construction having the size of that of a soprano and tenor.
  • However, the package includes a Bag, 4 Picks, a Strap, Aquila Strings, Tuner, and a Cleaning Cloth.
  • The body of the tenor ukulele is made of African Mahogany and the 4 nylon-made Aquila strings offer right-hand orientation.
  • Hands down to its spell-bounding craftsmanship because the polished surface encompassing the rosewood fingerboard gives off a very smooth touch to the hands.
  • With the 18:1 Quasi-closed tuning pegs, cattle bone nuts, and bridge saddles, the rich transmission of sound speaks massively of its performance quality.
  • The tenor ukulele’s high-end tuning machines have made it easy to tune when played for a long period.


  • Comfortable backpack with sturdy straps
  • It is easy to tune
  • Aquila strings ensure accurate sound
  • Easy to carry with an adjustable backpack
  • Free online video session to learn basics
  • 9-cycle grinding plus the polishing process


  • Frets are a little high

Difference between Ukulele and Guitar


The prominent feature that differentiates a guitar from Ukulele is the size. Most Ukuleles are completely half the size of the Guitar and a few are slightly smaller than a guitar. This makes the Tenor Ukulele easier to handle than its counterpart. The tenor ukulele is also related to Soprano and Concert but they are even smaller in size to it.


You can find 6 strings in a regular guitar while 4 strings in the ukulele. Therefore, the body of the fretboard is also smaller in the tenor ukulele than in the guitar due to fewer strings. For a beginner, who can not manage 6 strings at once, a ukulele is always a better option to start with. Also, for kids whose hands are small, the ukulele remains easy to handle.


Depending on the strings and the size of the fretboard, the guitar offers maximum range and a variety of tones. A guitar can get as cheerful as you want. However, choosing between an acoustic and electric guitar is your interest. As for the ukulele, its range is not so great but it still provides a soft Hawaiian sound that suits most of the vocals. If your audience is big and you already have some experience on your hands, you should go for the guitar. Otherwise, the tenor ukulele always gives you a great kick start.

Easy to Learn:

This point is a no-brainer. For sure, you can try both and see what your hands are most comfortable with. Though many believe that the tenor ukulele is easier to learn than the guitar, but this is not always the case. At the end of the day, what matters the most is what attracts you personally. If you idealize Guitar over Tenor Ukulele, you will naturally find Guitar easier to learn over Ukulele and the other way round.


Here comes our decisive factor that always plays a major role in allowing us to go for a certain product and leaving the other while comparing ukulele vs guitar. Long story short, the Tenor Ukuleles are quite cheaper than Guitars. If you buy a second hand ukulele, that is even cheaper than a new one. This is going to be easy on the budget of most of the sound lovers. Guitar, on the other hand, given its huge body, is much expensive than a tenor ukulele. A second hand guitar can cost you almost double than a new tenor ukulele.

In a Nutshell: Ukulele vs Guitar

  • A tenor ukulele can produce both soft and cheerful music but its range is short. It is easy to handle because of its small body and is also way cheaper. People with big hands may despise handling its strings. It is comparatively easy for beginners.
  • A guitar can produce a maximum assortment of music with a greater range and rich tone. Though it is not easy to carry and it will not get along well with the people having small hands. It is also expensive.

Is Ukulele easier than Guitar?

By now, we hope, you must have realized your interest in the two and we wish you the best of luck for excelling in that.

Note: In the tenor ukulele vs guitar competition, if ukulele won you can further make a comparison as tenor ukulele vs concert and tenor ukulele vs soprano to narrow down your ideal music companion as per the features.

Is the ukulele simpler to play than the guitar?

Yes, the ukulele is much easier to play than the guitar as it uses softer strings and more straightforward tunes.

Is playing riptide easy on a ukulele?

Yes, you can play riptide on the ukulele with a little effort as it uses only four chords. Fore more information see the article Ukulele Chords Riptide.

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